What’s the difference between Bourbon, Rye and American Whiskey?

First of all, the definition of whiskey is simply that it is alcohol distilled from fermented grains. It is a family name. There are all types of whiskeys: bourbon, rye, wheat, American, blended, Canadian, Scottish, Irish and so on.

Bourbon and rye whiskeys are also defined by the federal government. Bourbon must be made from at least 51% corn, rye whiskey must be make from at least 51% rye. Neither whiskey can be distilled over 160 proof, be put into a barrel over 125 proof or bottled at less than 80 proof. The purpose of these exacting rules was to make spirits that true to their grain origin.

Why the name Boondocks?

Distilleries need plenty of room to operate and good, abundant water sources. Close proximity to grain supplies and to farmers who were willing to feed the spent mash to their livestock were also a must. Therefore, historically, it was prudent and practical to build distilleries in rural areas…or “the boondocks”. Boondocks sources its whiskeys from distilleries that are, for the most part, outside the city limits or in the boondocks.

Where is the distillery?

Boondocks is owned by Royal Wine Corp., a family owned company that has been in business in the United States for over 50 years. Its involvement is actually longer than that if you include the Herzog family history that goes back to Baron Philip Herzog who founded the family winery in Czechoslovakia in 1848. Because of its longevity, impressive brand portfolio and industry relationships Royal Wines is able to selectively purchase quality whiskeys from many different successful distilleries giving it the latitude to select excellent, quality whiskeys at its discretion. Therefore, Royal Wines does not own its own whiskey distillery.

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